Labor Gap

Code School Book — Morgan Lopes and Tim Whitacre (25/30)

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The industry is accelerating faster than the workforce is growing.

t’s no surprise. There is a labor gap in technology. I’m sure you’ve seen the articles that talk about it. There are endless assumptions, predictions, and discussions about why the gap exists and what should be done about it. If you want a thorough dissection, you have come to the wrong place. I’m not going to explain why the gap exists, rather acknowledge it and share why it should matter to you.

In many ways, the industry needs you more than you need it. A labor shortage does not mean tons of engineering jobs are lying around. Wouldn’t that be nice. Instead, it means the industry is accelerating faster than the workforce is growing. Unless the breadth and depth of experienced workers increases, the demand for technical workers will only continue to rise. As you invest in developing your skills, take comfort in knowing most of your best opportunities are ahead of you, not behind.

Along with acknowledging this gap, we should also acknowledge that many low-skill jobs will likely be taken over by AI and machines in the coming decades. What will remain are jobs requiring knowledge work. In fact, much of the AI created will be built by folks in this industry. It not only means the gap will continue to widen but also ensures jobs in this field will have a long shelf life.

This is where code schools step in. They provide the accessibility to upskill into technology, start your career, and set the stage for long- term advancement. As of today, they are one of the greatest ways to close this labor gap. This means that by reading this book and taking that step, you are already doing your part to help close the gap as well as entering a new field that will give you a long, successful, and enjoyable career.


CTO at Fast Company’s World Most Innovative Company (x4). Author of “Code School”, a book to help more people transition into tech.